Board of Directors - The Board is the body that oversees the operation of the school and all aspects of endeavors not directly related to the school. The Board has fiscal oversight and ensures regulatory compliance and legal accountability. The Board also provides oversight of the charter’s mission, vision and regulatory compliance.

The Board of Directors of Choice Academies Inc., meets quarterly on the 3rd Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Adams Traditional Academy staff room. However changes are made to avoid holidays and when a quorum is unavailable. Special meetings are called as needed. The board may occasionally adjourn into Executive Session, which is a private meeting closed to the public, only under certain circumstances as prescribed by law. All meetings, except Executive Sessions, are open to the public.

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Choice Academies, Inc.

Corporate Board

Lisa Fink, President

David Weston, Secretary

Judd Lewis, Treasurer

Brent Garrett

Marcus Kelley

Governing Board
Thomas McCauley, President

​Ray Malnar

Lisa Fink

More budget information, including the annual financial report, for Choice Academies, Inc. can be located at the following sites:

The name and number are Choice Academies, 078549000​​